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When explanations fall apart: Discourse-level intervention

Bonnie Singer, Ph.D. and Anthony Bashir, Ph.D.

Too many students bumble around when they try to explain something. Words and ideas go all willy-nilly, and the explanation falls apart. Students who can’t explain what they’re thinking often struggle with peers and in school. Learn how to help them here.

Designing effective language intervention for students with DLD: The critical role of self-talk

Bonnie Singer, Ph.D. and Anthony Bashir, Ph.D.

Self-talk supports the thinking, executive functions, self-regulation, and social interactions students need to solve problems in and outside of school. Explore the critical role of self-talk in instruction and intervention for children who struggle with language, literacy, and learning. 

FREE! Making time visible: Strategies for intervention

Bonnie Singer, Ph.D.

Some children lack an awareness of time. Time concepts may be hard to grasp because time is invisible. That also makes them hard to teach. Learn how here…for FREE!

When discourse gets all muddled: Influence of spatial processing and executive functions on expressive language

Bonnie Singer, Ph.D. and Anthony Bashir, Ph.D.

Synthesizing decades of research, we explore the cognitive underpinnings that support organized spoken expression, and we offer guiding principles for instruction.

Vivido stick figure confused

Executive functions and reading comprehension: You don’t get one without the other

Bonnie Singer, Ph.D.

Explore how two systems — executive functions and language — support and constrain reading for understanding and offer evidence-based strategies for teaching

Vivido stick figure reading on a stack of books