The moment when “I don’t get it” becomes a vivid “Aha!”

Why we get out of bed

We have the same goal you have.

To teach students who are struggling with language, literacy, and learning to “do school” so they grow up to be literate citizens and have successful lives.

Learning doesn’t come naturally to some students.

But when students grasp a new idea, what’s vague becomes vividly clear in an instant. It’s a whole body spark that ripples to excitement, energy, interest, motivation, and confidence. It’s a visible moment of change.

Everything we do is motivated by the thrill of seeing vivid flashes of insight and learning.

We believe they are highly contagious. When we see them in the educators we teach, we know they’ll pass them on to their students.


Our mission

Multiply the impact

Transform lives by teaching educators to make language and learning visible.


Our foundation

Three fundamental beliefs

These beliefs ground all of the methods we have developed over 30+ years.

Everything connects to everything

Language, literacy, and learning are complex and influenced by so many things — attention, cognition, language, spatial skills, emotions, memory, and executive functions.

It’s a mashup of systems that must all dance in synchrony. To work with students who struggle in any of these areas, you must understand how they all influence and constrain each other.

One of the things we’re best known for is our ability to explain how these extremely complex systems work.

We make these interconnections clear so educators can see how all the dots come together, which allows them to appreciate what their students need in a whole new way.

Make the invisible visible

Much of language and learning is invisible. And fleeting. Ideas come and go in an instant. To master language, become literate, and excel academically, you must be a really good pattern detector.

The invisible patterns that govern how language is used are intuitive to most people. We just know what to take note of when we listen and read, and we know how to organize our thoughts when we talk and write. We can figure out how to tackle complex tasks, and we can remember connections when we study.

Ample research shows that eyes help ears and vice versa. Language and spatial processing are highly interconnected. This can be leveraged!

When the invisible becomes visible, what’s vague becomes vivid. Ideas stand still long enough for students to see them, reflect on them, refine them, make new connections between them, and elevate them. Teaching gets easier and learning does too.

The self

We deeply appreciate the role self-talk plays in the story teachers and students tell themselves about who they are, how they work, and what they are capable of.

Many facets of the Self must be harnessed when we set out to do new things, especially when they are new and challenging. Self-awareness, self-monitoring, and self-talk lay the foundation for self-control, self-regulated learning, and self-confidence.

Our methods use self-talk explicitly as a tool that guides both teaching and learning.

We give educators powerful methods for teaching language and literacy so they can prepare students to lead successful lives.

How we think and work

Vivido icon idea

We are a research, development, and training company.

We wrestle with the real problems students have with language, literacy, and learning, and we work out solutions.

Vivido icon heart of our work

The heart of our work is our commitment to make invisible concepts visible so they can be taught in a deliberate way.

Spoken language is fleeting; it disappears in an instant. What readers do when they understand and writers do to compose are invisible too. When ideas are made visible, they then can stand still so teachers and students can understand and talk about them, which springs new insights and deep learning.

Vivido icon methods

Our methods and strategies are derived from a backward
design process.

We start by identifying the key listening, speaking, reading, writing, and critical thinking demands of school. Then, based on our deep understanding of how language works, how brains work, and what’s proven to be effective, we figure out how educators can guide students to meet those demands successfully.

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Our methods and strategies unlock the HOW of teaching.

Few educators are at a loss for WHAT to teach. They have curriculum standards to guide them and endless content and lessons to get through. The methods we create lay on top of and integrate with any content area and any grade so educators can meet the goals and objectives they set for their students effectively.

Vivido icon pinky swear

No one needs to throw the baby out with the bathwater,
to ditch last year’s program because they got a new one.

All of our instructional methods and strategies:

  • Are grounded by and infused with theory and research
  • Align with Common Core and state standards
  • Can be used in general education classrooms as well as more specialized settings
  • Integrate with and enhance existing curriculum and instructional approaches
  • Get results with students of all ability levels.