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When explanations fall apart: Discourse-level intervention


Bonnie Singer, Ph.D. & Anthony Bashir, Ph.D.


90 min.



Students who can’t explain what they’re thinking often struggle with peers and in school.

Too many students bumble around when they try to explain something. Words and ideas go all willy-nilly, and the explanation falls apart.

The explainer gets frustrated, and the listener gets lost. It’s a mess!

Drs. Singer and Bashir share how explanations develop in young children and present the macrostructure patterns and microstructure elements of five types of explanations. They also offer intervention strategies and guidelines for supporting students who struggle with spoken explanations.

This presentation was initially featured at the 2023 American Speech-Language-Hearing Association Convention in Boston.

This is for

  • SLPs


  • The macrostructure patterns of 5 types of explanations
  • The microstructure language elements unique to each of them
  • Intervention frameworks and strategies for supporting children who struggle
  • Certificate of completion

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