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When discourse gets all muddled: Influence of spatial processing and executive functions on expressive language


Bonnie Singer, Ph.D. & Anthony Bashir, Ph.D.


60 min.



Vivido stick figure confused

Some children have difficulty acquiring the “nuts and bolts” of language from the get-go. Their stories are disorganized, disfluent, and incoherent. Other children have no trouble learning language, but they also struggle with expression.

To the untrained ear, both groups of children sound similar; their language is all muddled up.

Drs. Singer and Bashir team up to synthesize decades of research across multiple fields. We examine how cognitive systems support and constrain organized and coherent expression beyond the sentence and offer direction for intervention with students.

This is for

  • SLPs, special educators, literacy specialists, instructional coaches, and school psychologists


  • Awareness of cognitive and linguistic factors that influence language competence
  • Guiding principles for designing evidence-based treatment for school-age students who struggle with open-ended discourse
  • Certificate of completion

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