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Get more from your students
than you ever thought possible

So much of learning is invisible to students. They just don’t see how
language works or what they need to do to be successful with listening,
speaking, reading, or writing. They’re too muddled up!

What kind of muddle are your students in?

Expression is hard to follow Comprehension breaks down Ideas are disorganized

You need
Brain Frames

Visual tools that organize language

Academic writing is weak
Can’t get started writing
Written output is limited

You need

A method for teaching expository writing

Poor reading comprehension
Problems with grammar
Poor working memory

You need
Unlocking Sentences

A method for teaching sentence-level reading comprehension

More ways to learn

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Take a live webinar or recorded class that’s packed with strategies you can use right away.

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Attend a workshop or presentation

Don’t miss a course we’re hosting or giving for another organization.

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Read our blog: Connecting the Dots

Insights about language, literacy, and bridging research with day-to-day practice.

Join our Virtual Teacher’s Lounge

It’s an online meetup in Zoom for K-12 speech-language pathologists and educators from anywhere and everywhere.

Bonnie and Jess open the Lounge on the first Tuesday of every month from September through June from 7:00 – 8:00 PM (Eastern time).

How it works

Everyone comes with at least one of the following:

  • Input please! – some kind of teaching muddle you could use some help with
  • Ya gotta get it – a teaching resource you recommend
  • Memorable moment – snippets that stuck with you because they’re hilarious, unexpected, moving, growth-inducing, or just downright confounding

It’s a smart but not stuffy hour online. You’ll leave in a better mood than you were when you got there. Always.

Vivido Virtual Teacher’s Lounge
Vivido Fan Mail

Fan Mail

“The lounge is my favorite part of the week. I get to be with other professionals and build my skills, and I always log off with something new. Thank you. Thank you.”

Elyse F., SLP