Virtual Learning

Making time visible: Strategies for intervention


Bonnie Singer, Ph.D.


May 18, 2022


7:00 – 8:00 PM*



Some children lack an awareness of time. For children with learning challenges that affect language, attention, organization, and/or spatial processing, time concepts may be mysterious. They’re hard to grasp because time is invisible. That also makes them hard to teach.

In this webinar, we showcase an adult whose sense of future time was limited to two weeks. Her inability to envision time fueled high levels of anxiety and a belief that she was incapable of managing personal and professional commitments.

By way of this case study, we will share a structured intervention designed to make time visible and, by way of that, manageable. This approach can easily be used with adults as well as children of all ages who struggle with executive functions and concepts of time. 

Learn how to make time visible for students who struggle with time management, meeting deadlines, and project planning. 

This class is for

  • General and special educators, SLPs, literacy specialists, instructional coaches, and school psychologists who teach grades 4 – 12, college, and beyond


  • Explain what time looks like
  • Show patterns of time using visual supports
  • Design treatment for students whose sense of time is compromised
  • Certificate for 1 Professional Development/Certification Maintenance Hour

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