Explaining dysgraphia to parents

Sometimes you meet someone whose passion feels bigger than life. Jennifer King is one of those people. After watching her own child’s struggle with dysgraphia and school writing, she set out to change the world.

Jennifer founded a non-profit called Dysgraphia Life. Its mission is twofold: to provide information, education, beneficial products, and services to those with learning disabilities and writing difficulties, and to create a community where people can share in common experiences and help others succeed.

I can get down with that!

The other night, I had the honor of presenting to parents and educators in the Dysgraphia Life community. I covered a lot of ground in just an hour. (I could have gone on for three more!)

In a nutshell, we looked at the criteria for two diagnoses that are commonly given to students with severe writing difficulties. We also explored the many skills and systems that support writing. Then we identified some of the key elements of effective instruction.

If you missed it, you can watch the recording here. It’s free!